Pining for a pine cone wreath

My pine cone wreathThere is good reason Martha Stewart devoted an entire book to wreaths and wreath making. They are sublime; so festive, welcoming and beautiful.

It seems that in my extended family, making a pine cone wreath is a passage to adulthood. There are several of them floating around. I am a few years behind, I guess, but I finally got mine made and I love it.

I bought my cones at the Steeple People Thrift Store on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis. It used about $15 worth. I hot-melt glued them on a $4 grapevine wreath from Saver’s thrift department store. It was about a three hour process.

I originally had purist plans to wire the cones to the naturalistic wreath form, but oy. I instead chose to be careful with the drops of glue and when an obtrusive blob did appear, I quickly covered it with a smaller cone. As I always say: “Better to get the project done with plan B, then to never start because of perfectionistic paralysis.” Actually, I don’t always say those exact words, but I do believe the sentiment.


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