The off-season gardening turning point

Every year I experience the phenomenon of the gardening turning point. It is that moment when I no longer love Jack Frost for bringing the season to an end (my knees were achy, my tomatoes full of blight) and I begin to get jazzed about what next season will bring.

I believe the turning point has begun within me, perhaps a little earlier than usual.

Usually it kicks in around the first or second week of January when the seed catalogs (Gurney’s, Burpee, Jung, Seeds of Change, to name a few) start pouring in my mail slot, but I have yet to see the whites of any of their eyes. And on that note, I’m vowing not to order from any of them this year. I vow to not be tempted by their tempting $20 off and their robust photos. Don’t get me wrong, seed catalogs are fabulous and serve their purpose, but after maybe 20 years I have finally accepted that I need to have the plants in pots and visually arrange them in my gardens. I could quite possibly order some seeds.

But the turning point is here. Has it arrived for you?


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