To catch a butterfly photo

A yellow monarch on a firecracker zinnia
A yellow monarch on a "Firecracker" Zinnia

Have you ever chased a butterfly around the garden in attempts to capture just that perfect garden photo?

I danced with this little fellow around the zinnia patch for about ten minutes and he was having a lot of fun with me. I was tickled that he flirted as long as he did.

Capturing that perfect garden shot, especially when it involves a flitting creature, can be a crap shoot. There is a chance you won’t get the shot. But about 30 attempts could land just the right one.

The best bet is to keep the camera close at hand and snap a series whenever you get a visit in the garden.


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  1. Mary says:

    Great shot, Eric! I love the colors on the flower and the butterfly.

  2. Mary Prevo says:

    I came across your photo when I googled “Firecracker Zinnia”. My question is, WHERE did someone find Firecracker Zinnia seed? I’ve had them in my memory bank for years planning to have a bed of them some day in a cutting garden. Now I have the garden, I can’t find the Firecracker seed. If you can help me by telling me whose Firecracker Zinnias the butterfly was sitting on, I’d appreciate it.

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