This is our dog Uli… she eats cucumbers in the garden

Our dog Uli who loves cucumbers
Our dog Uli who loves cucumbers

And we’ve given up trying to stop her. I figure, there are worse things a dog could eat. And they don’t seem to upset her tummy. As a matter of fact she looks great and she has so much energy.

I grow the cucumbers up a trellis in my small space vegetable garden, which works great, however this season, I couldn’t get some of the vines to climb. So, I have some crawling on the ground and some going up the trellis and over the fence. The climbing ones are safe.

Cucumber on the vine
Cucumber on the vine

Last night I made my favorite marinated cucumbers. After peeling about half of the skins off to give a little visual interest, I sliced them on my mandolin (almost paper thin) and salted them to draw the water out. I added about half of a sliced onion.

Half an hour later, I drained them. I whisked together a dressing of apple cider vinegar, Splenda, a little olive oil, and pepper. They are marinating as I write this.

I can’t get enough of them this time of year.


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