Anyone can have a pond in their backyard

A diminutive pond makes a nice splash by the patio
A diminutive pond makes a nice splash by the patio

If my diminutive back 40 can support an aquatic ecosystem, anyone’s can.

My patio pond area started with a store-bought, maybe 25 gallon pre-formed container that I dug (and dug!) a hole in the ground for. Then I added water and stirred! The fountain is an old cistern pump from the farm I grew up on. It is rigged simply with a pump and piping from Home Depot. This really is a do-it-yourself project for anyone and any space. The field stones came in handy in hiding the edge of the container. And the plantings soften the stones.

Part of the success of my pond is the dappled shade it resides under. An Emperor I Japanese Maple (hardy to Zone 4) canopies the space. The shade helps to keep algae at bay (no pun intended) big time. I think the shade also pops the color that occurs in the area.

As far as the plantings, can you ever go wrong with a tuft of impatiens. The coleus ‘Sedona’ is a delicious focal point and backdrop and the Creeping Jenny naturalizes the area. Hosta abound and a cup of duckweed purchased in the spring spreads prolifically throughout the season and I love the lime green and the little circle created by the spitting stream of water. The duckweed also keeps the water shaded and clear.

Anyone can have a pond. Shade is the key to keeping it clear.


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  1. susan lewis says:

    hey this is too cute. my hubby and i have two ponds in our yard, one big one in the back yard with an arbor over it, its really nice, and we just added this last year another one by the frount porch where we also added a grape arbor last summer, i have a freind that wants a small tiny pond and this would be ideal for her i will surely pass on this photo to her it is just precious!!!!!!!!!

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