Kiss my aster

Purple perennial asters pop in the fall border
Purple perennial asters pop in the fall border

I could kiss my perennial aster I love it so much.

I am not sure of the particular variety , but I believe it is ‘Purple Dome.’ It is hardy to zone 4 and was purchased at Home Depot when it was in bloom. All the tag gave me was “Hardy Aster.” I used to poo-poo all the blooming perennials that are pushed at you in the garden centers, but they do help you plot your progressive blooming if you pay attention.

Asters are great additions to the perennial border. They are easy to overlook because you need to wait to September for the payoff, but its a big one. A couple shots of their royal purple help to pick up the dappled bits of purple throughout the garden and bring the whole plot to life.

They also bring out the bluish tones in the fieldstone path and complement the blushing red rouge of the Sedum ‘Autumn Joy.”

Run out while the getting is good and plant yourself some asters. You could also plant them in a pot and and wait to get them in the ground by October 1.


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  1. Christina says:

    I am ready for a garden tour any day!

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