Alas, all these green tomatoes in the garden

Green tomatoes in a box
Green tomatoes in a box

Weather rumor has it (isn’t that about all a weather forecast really is?) that tomorrow night will host a killing frost. The scramble began today to save what is worth saving in the garden.

I moved in the rubber tree that had been summering on the patio corner (and about doubled in size) and moved in the Meyer Lemon Tree that was the thriller in a summer container. I also potted up the Swedish Ivy that I plan on bringing back out next summer.

And all the green tomatoes. Experts have told us that a tomato must have at least a hint of a rosy blush if it is to ripen indoors, or at least a slightly-soft bottom. From my experience all but the rock hard little ones will eventually come around.

My favorite method is to line a cardboard box with a grocery bag (nice use for the odd-sized ones) and add a layer of the tomatoes. You can add a gingerly-placed second layer of the smaller ones.

Place the box in a dark, slightly moist area (my basement is perfect) and let them be, checking daily for rotting or moldy fruits. The ethylene gas released by the little red devils will help the mass ripening, but you can also add ripening bananas to the mix to promote the process.

A taste of summer for at least another few weeks.


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  1. mynortherngarden says:

    Eric: Did you get any lemons off the Meyer Lemon tree? I’ve read about those often, but assumed it would not survive here, even in a pot. You move it inside in winter, right?

  2. Eric says:

    No lemons yet. I have brought it inside and it is perched on my sunny buffet. Yikes, does that sucker haves some spikes.

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