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Red in the morning, gardeners take warning…

November sunrise through the oak trees

November sunrise through the oak trees

Not really. A sunrise like this does stop you in your tracks though. My instinct was to scramble for the camera, but first I just took pause and soaked in the colors: the fire-pink, magenta, indigo blue and glowing lavender set against the stark black outlines of the the gnarled oaks.

Then I grabbed the camera.

The borrowed landscape is a useful and wonderful part of the garden, particularly in the small space spot. The neighbor’s majestic oaks serve as backdrop and somehow fool the eye into thinking they are part of my property.

Plus, I do not have to continually pick up all the little stick droppings.

Consider, the vista beyond when designing your own scape. Artfully incorporating distant trees, buildings, and landmarks gives the impression that your garden goes well beyond what it really does. You have an instant back 180 acres!

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