Dare I say cabin fever…

I’ve always shyed away from using the terms cabin fever or stir-crazy to describe my January state, fearing that the naming of it would even more fully claim it.  Well, I’ve got it big time. I think it’s a worse state of affairs for those who rely heavily on digging in the dirt.

I come home from work and I can not settle down. I pace, usually back and forth from the kitchen, stopping for another bite of supper du jour. I pick up the knitting, which zens me for a moment, but then I am, out of nowhere, clicking through the American Idols and House Hunters. It would all be different if I could be working outside.

I don’t recall it ever being this strong.

Before I kill the dog, I simply must develop and practice some tactics for relief:

1.  The indoor plants are not really doing it for me anymore. I mean, they’re fine, but it really isn’t the pinching back of a leaf or the watering of a pot that I need. I need activity, so I am harnessing my energy to re-invigorate the giant ficus in the living room. Tonight I am off to Ikea, Home Depot and any big box in my way in search of a pot that is more cute than spendy. I will also purchase river rock (buying rocks is such inane folly) and top the soil with them.

2. I will aerobically exercise like a Pitt or Clooney. Work off that steam. Exorcise the winter demons by sweating them out. Hey, I may be in my best shape of the year by the time the soil needs to be turned. Much like gardening, it’s hard to think too much when exercising.

3. Re-visit the seed catalogs. Dreams turning into creative visualization. I’ll stick to my one order a year limit, but I will plot and plan as much as I want. Choosing and re-choosing my $40 worth. When you open a seed catalog, you can almost smell the fresh air.

4. Stand outside and take in the air. Especially in the morning. If you do so, just as the sun is rising, emotions rise up. Faith, hope and plain old looking forward can get you through a lot.

Could it be: the nastier the winter the bigger the spring payoff?


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