Moose sighting in Minneapolis front yard

Moose sighting in Minneapolis.
Moose sighting in Minneapolis.

The elusive Minneapolis miniature front yard moose was spotted this week fleeing the crazy-driving mini-vans near a school at 4th and 47th in south Minneapolis.

It is a  long-held belief that his sighting indicates the we have seen the worst of winter and spring is on its way. His sighting is a more reliable forecast than Puxitony Phil.

Take heart frozen ones. We have turned the corner. Step outside and take a breath. If you get real still, you will notice a difference in the air. The sense of the earth beginning to warm.

Look around and visualize yourself in your garden. Begin to see the pots overflowing with petunias and the perennial borders filling up. Imagine the warm breeze on your skin and begin planning for the greatest gardening season yet.


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