Orchids make beautiful and cost-effective floral arrangements

Orchids in a bowl for a tabletop arrangement.
Orchids in a bowl for a tabletop arrangement.

There is nothing like an arrangement of fresh flowers to add instant magic to your home. Store-bought bouquets are a great way to go, but the shelf-life of the plastic-sleeved posies can be a little brief. Why not invest in an inexpensive orchid or two to live on your dining table? Chances are you will get a couple of months of bloom out of them.

Orchids love daily watering but do not like to sit in water. Bright diffused light makes them happiest. Phalaenopsis orchids are available nearly everywhere these days and are easy to grow. I rarely attempt a re-blooming from the orchid plants. Often I will move them outdoors, if it’s summer, and then retire them to the compost bin for winter’s rest.

In this photo: I picked up some clearance orchids at the local Ikea ($1.50 each!) and casually planted them in a ceramic bowl (by the pottery wheel virtuoso Harriet Campe). The two orchids came in an bark planting medium. I gently de-potted them and set them in the bowl and surrounded them with a large nugget mulch that I had in a garden bed. I water nearly every day with a light drink (warm water please), never adding enough to collect in the bottom.

I’ve had these babies for nearly two months. Not a bad return on a floral investment.


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    Hi there! Just wanna say that i like the post and the pic.
    They are awesome. I will surely read your other posts.


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