The beauty of hoarfrost

hoar frost on the pine
Hoarfrost on the pine is beautiful set against the blue sky.

Last Saturday was one of the most stunning exhibitions of hoarfrost, also known as white frost, that I have seen in a while.

Hoarfrost is frozen dew that flocks all the trees, shrubs and plants in its path.

Hoarfrost develops when a cold surface (anything outside in Minnesota in the winter!) is exposed for a long period of time to humid air. It’s basically meteorologic happenstance. I recall several great ones in my 44 years in the North.

Last Saturday, I was making the drive out to my mom’s in Gaylord, cruising along Highway 212 and 5 west. The hoarfrost was an art exhibit along the way, stunning and sparkling as I went. I was driving in my own snowglobe.

It is one of the things that gets us through a long Minnesota winter.


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