Transplanted Northern Gardener: When in Rome, Enjoy the Romans, but don’t take them home with you

Pinkish-orange hibiscus flower
Pinkish-orange hibiscus flower

Southern Florida is alive with hibiscus blooms of every imaginable jelly bean color. Now, in my own northern garden, I tend to stay true to the native or at least native-appearing plants. I’ve never been a fan of the outdoor palm placed next to the tiki bar in a Minnesota backyard.

Now, a hibiscus almost works in a Minnesota yard. Like a hollyhocks fancy cousin.

In addition to the stunning little jewel-like flowers, the plants have a nice shape to them and the leaves are not unlike many that you see on Zone 4 shrubbery.

Golden yellow hibiscus flower
Golden yellow hibiscus flower

There are winter-hardy hibiscus available to us. For a long-time, only pink, white and yellow ere available, but that has changed in recent years. Bachman’s has a lot of good info here on hardy hibiscus.

They also look great in your hair and are striking little cut flowers.

Lemon-yellow hibiscus flower
Lemon-yellow hibiscus flower

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