Our 2 week kitchen remodel continues

Our kitchen remodel is going well. We are finding out that the broad strokes of design… painting the entire room out, staining all the cabinets, and purging the kitchen catch-alls from the cupboards, is somewhat easier to complete. It’s the God-is-in-the-details bits and pieces that finish a room that are easy to get hung up in.

"Marmalade Glaze" window trim in high gloss.
"Marmalade Glaze" window trim in high gloss.

Painting the woodwork is a finishing detail that is taking many coats. We chose a high-gloss for easy clean-up and a lacquered punch of “wow.” The door’s trims are in the same “Heavy Cream” as the walls, and are covering quite easy… about four coats. I recently saw on The Nate Berkus Show, that high-gloss is hot. People are even doing entire rooms in high-gloss. It has punch and is water repellent, making it perfect for kitchens and baths, but it does require some extra effort. The more coats the merrier of a look and you do need to wait  a while between coats… at least a few hours. This seems to be sufficient wait time, as I applied thin coats.

We went with a statement color around the window: “Marmalade Glaze”, although curry was the inspiration color. When choosing colors, we went with hues that made our mouths water and tummies rumble when we look at them and said their names.

As a side note, the previous owner, for some unknown reason, removed the extra casing in the kitchen that wraps all the windows and doors in our house, so we replaced it in the kitchen to complete the arts-and-crafts feel of our two-story south Minneapolis bungalow. I have always found nailing on trim (or most things for that matter) a pain, so I grabbed my good friend Liquid Nails, and the casing went on flawlessly. Measuring and remeasuring before heading to the mitre saw is a must.

Pea pod pottery piece pops against white wall.
Pea pod pottery piece pops against white wall.

One of the best features of a white wall is the contrast it creates with items hung on the wall. One of my saggar fired pottery pieces, a whimsical and somewhat magical pea pod man, shows off nicely on the wall. It is almost gallery like.

And speaking of gallery, the chalkboard wall is going to be a hoot. The wall color is striking enough to live on its own, but even a rough sketch of a chalkboard drawing is elevated to artistic. It is also the perfect place to pick yourself up with inspirational messages. Think: “This is not a dress rehearsal”.

Top of asparagus spear done in chalk near clock.
Top of asparagus spear done in chalk near clock.

Funny enough, the chalkboard, big clock, and high-gloss orange are combining to create a somewhat old schoolhouse look.

A little bit of nostalgic retro goes a long way in meaningful design. You can’t go wrong with a choice if it comes from the gut.


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