Plotting where to place a pond

garden drama test garden pond
The newly installed pond in the Garden Drama Test Garden is at the back of the property to create a secret garden. It is a lovely, zen-like place to meditate.

Part 1 in the series “Installing a backyard pond”

When we made the decision to install a pond (two ponds really, one with moving water, one still), the choice was obvious. We wanted it to be at the back of our property for a secret garden effect. Many questioned this. “Don’t you want it to be near the house and the back patio?” Well, yes, that would be one approach to siting the pond and a valid, wonderful one. But we had our sites set on the back garden… a mini “up-north” to the cabin effect. And so it was.

Things to consider when deciding where to install a pond in your backyard:

garden drama small retaining wall
A small retaining wall of field stones can be used to build up the edges of your pond.

Imagine the pond being the first thing on the property.
Place your pond near a structure, as if the building was built near the pond. A garage can look like a cabin built near the water. As long as you are not going any deeper than a couple of feet and you stay a few feet from the foundation, you should have no worries.

Consider electrical sources and access to water. Unless you are open to having an electrician come work with you, consider placing your pond near an existing GFI outlet. If you don’y plan on moving water, you don’t need to worry about this. You will also need to fill your pond and add water from time to time, so reaching the hose to the pond is a consideration.

Secret garden or part of daily life. As I mentioned, we wanted a secret garden effect. A destination. A removed area to go and meditate. You may want your pond right outside your house where you can hear the water and guests may enjoy it as they lounge on your patio. Stop and consider this. Maybe you can do both!

Sun exposure is important. If you are building a pond to give a home to flowering lilies and lotus, you will need at least 5 hours of good, full sun. If the pond is getting it’s full sunlight in the middle of the day, you may get flowers with 4 hours of sun. This may make the decision for you.

Feng Shui aspects. The ancient Chinese art of arranging one’s environment for optimum energy flow, balance and aesthetics, encourages the placement of a water feature in the southeast corner of your property for increased abundance in your life. Our pond is n this corner. Beware of water running away from your house, which can deplete abundant energy in your home.

Beware of low-lying areas. Run-off can result in excess of anything in the water’s path ending up in your pond. You can either build up the edges of your pond to create a border, much like a small retaining wall, or go with it and build a small meandering stream and waterfall down to the pond.

The first step to installing your pond is site consideration. In our next post, we will look at shaping your pond.


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