A crazy-quilt container planting can have a place in your garden

A colorful, crazy-quilt container planting.
A colorful, crazy-quilt container planting.

Every Memorial Day, my mom, bless her soul, buys a ready-mixed container from the fun This Old House in Arlington, Minnesota, to put on my dad’s headstone. Every year she then gives me the planter, bless her again, to incorporate into my garden. A dear gardening gesture.

Whoa, was this year’s container a kicky combo of colors jumping back and forth across the color wheel. Lobelia, celosia, zinnia, pansy, petunia,  ageratum, alyssum, a dahlia, dianthus and dusty miller were all wedged into a small window box planter. Usually this is a bit too much plant prowess for me, in one container. I disassembled and repotted in a bit larger container and I love it.

A crazy combo planter is a fiesta for the eyes and may not go in all garden settings. I am usually a fan of single splashes of color dotting the garden, but I am also fond of trying new things and incorporating memories into your space. I am loving my mixed container. It’s happy, doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes me think of my days as a baby gardener on the farm, when we planted flowers any way that we liked, just because and we loved them.

Gardeners that try new things and gardens that are alive with fresh ideas and sweet memories are always in style.


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