I’m thinking of clematis a lot lately as we look to planting time

Whatever you are looking for in a perennial flowering vine, there is a clematis to help you out. Most require as much sun as possible, consistent watering, and cool roots. Planting a 12 to 18 inch plant at the base of the clematis will accomplish this.

Clematis need a little lateral help to reach their true heights, so give them a trellis or wire if growing them against a fence. They love rich, organic soil … work in some compost when you plant them.

alba luxurians
‘Alba Luxurians’ has exotic, pinwheel shaped flowers with green accents. Grows to 12 feet. Prune aggressively in the spring.
blue clematis roguchi
The indigo blue bell flowers of ‘Roguchi’ fill its eight foot vine much of the summer. Stunning! Prune back to the ground in the spring.
clematis virginia
‘Virginiana’ is aggressive (some might say invasive), but the waves of fluttery white blooms in late summer and fall, make it worth keeping and keeping in check. It is also know as devil’s darning needles … a dramatic name.
ribbon grass and clematis
A 'Niobe' clematis in its fledgling year gets its roots cooled by some ribbon grass. Lobelia 'Palace Blue" fills an old milkcan. ‘Niobe’ is a dramatic pop of color and reliable bloomer in both early and late summer. I recommend pruning lightly in the spring, back to emerging buds.


‘Comtesse de Bouchaud’
‘Comtesse de Bouchaud’ delivers waves of purple-lavender blossoms throughout the summer on an 8 to 12 foot vine. This clematis will bloom in part shade. Prune to a few inches above the ground in spring. All clematis respond well to rich soil and plenty of water.



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