The water lilies are alive! They’re alive!

heloval water lily garden drama
Water lily ‘Helvola’ is a hardy, dwarf lily that is perfect for containers. The mottled lily pads are as lovely as the buttery yellow blooms. Water lilies will grow in any container as long as they have at least 12 inches from the top of the submerged container and the surface of the water.

Hardy water lilies are an investment plant, usually running between $30 and $50 a plant at the nursery or garden center. With that in mind, overwintering them is a wonderful way to build your lily collection and conserve your garden funds. I peeked at my overwintering lilies this week, and they are all showing new growth… just enough to know they’re alive.

Gloriosa water lily
Water lily 'Gloriosa' is a hot pink, dwarf hardy water lily. Lily pads help keep algae growth at bay. Strive for covering at least 3/4s of the water surface.

If you pull your water lilies before your pond or water feature freezes, then keep them wet, dark and between 55 degrees and freezing throughout the winter, your lilies will slow way down, take a nap, and be ready for you the following spring. If you have a fridge in the garage or basement, this could work. I am fortunate enough to have a root cellar situation in my old house basement, and I place my lilies in 5 gallon pails, cover them and set them against the wall of the cellar. I keep a thermometer on the pail to monitor the temp. Before bringing your lilies in for the winter, cut back all the foliage.

overwintering water lilies
Water lilies overwinter in 5 gallon pails. They will lay dormant or semi-dormant between 33 and 55 degrees. Bring them out in the spring when temperatures are consistently above freezing. Keep them out of direct sun until they are ready to go into your water feature.

As soon as temps are consistently over freezing at night, you may bring your lilies outside. Keep them out of the direct sun until they go into the water, which in zone 4, is after Memorial Day. Water lilies need full sun to bloom the way that God meant them to.


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  1. Maya says:

    Thank you for all the great info about lilly pads. It really helped on my hwk.

  2. Daye Gouine says:

    Just started my first koi pond. I enjoyed your blog. Newb in Michigan.

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