Tomatoes in East Grand Forks

I have the opportunity to speak at the mega gardening in the North event, Gardening Saturday, tomorrow, April 14 in East Grand Forks. Paul James, the gardener guy, is the featured speaker. Paul is an A-list garden celebrity and I have loved him and his garden greatness from the first time I caught his show on HGTV. More info if you are in the neighborhood.

Tomatoes and other fun and easy edibles is my 2:45 session and my prep for the talk has me more jazzed than ever to get growing. I’m a bit of a veggie nerd. I love the folklore and urban myths around the food we grow, and as a member of the nightshade family, the tomato has a long and somewhat freaky history. Did you know that out bodies naturally crave tomatoes and potatoes when we eat, fatty and dense animal proteins? To balance things out. Think: steak and potatoes. Juicy burgers with a slab of beefsteak tomatoes.

Let me show you some of my favorite varieties. I grow heirloom and hybrids. I believe there is a place for both in our kitchen gardens. Mouseover for the variety.




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