Is the entrance to your home dark? Infuse with yellow.

yellow pansies
A zig-zag planter of cheery pansies and petunias.

As a garden writer, I get to visit a lot of garden homes and they all seem to make an impact. Yesterday, I was at the home of great local gardeners Shirley and Dick Friberg. Shirley is helping me with an upcoming article for Northern Gardener magazine on rock gardening.

Yellow barberry clipped into a tidy border.
Yellow barberry clipped into a tidy border.

What struck me as I drove up to their house, in addition to how much pockets of Roseville can feel far-removed, like northern Minnesota, was the explosions of yellow at the entrance. I mentioned to Shirley that I loved the yellow and she said “We’ve got a brown house. It brightens it up.”

a mixed border, heavy on yellow.
A mixed border, heavy on yellow, is a sunny hello as you drive up to the house.

I’ve got a beige house, so it’s a bit brighter, but the front yard is shady, so I’m always in search of ways to brighten up  the entrance with plantings. I’ve marked my garden journal to do the front pots in yellow, all yellow next season.

Thanks, Shirley!


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  1. The yellow really does brighten up the place! What a great idea. 🙂

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