The pent-up spring garden

Clearly, winter has overstayed his welcome. Enough said. No more complaining from me. No more overstating the obvious. Winter is the one-night stand who wants you to cook him breakfast. Like at the dinner party that won’t end, I’ve conspicuously yawned, I’ve brought up the lights and I’ve even opened the front door. “This has been fun, I just wish I didn’t have to work so early in the morning.”

That said, all I can think is how glorious it will be when spring arrives in Minnesota. There is nothing like it — the gentle, musical dripping of melting snow; the sweet, earthy smell of thawing dirt; the surprise appearance of a perennial you planted last fall and forgot. When this year’s pent-up spring orgasm blows, it’s going to be a big one. A real party.

I’ve had the fun of speaking to a few gardening groups lately and the thing I’ve noticed about gardeners is we good-naturedly kvetch about the crappy spring — after all, our life-blood is cut-off — but we also know that it’s all part of Mother Nature’s grand plan. Her big scheme. This late spring is balancing something. The pay-off will be great. And isn’t there something about an April and May snow being worth a load of manure? Nutrient-wise?

I’ve always thought that a vacation begins the day you book the ticket and reserve the hotel room. Think of it that way and enjoy the extra month of planning and dreaming about the greatest gardening season you will ever have.

And to keep you going, here’s a gallery of photos I took this week last year. Delayed gratification is the surest sign of trust and maturity.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita Dueis says:

    Thanks so much for the beautiful “spring” pictures!!! I hope to be able to enjoy some of my own sometime soon!

    1. Garden Drama says:

      You will have your own flowers soon!

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