New on the scene: The ‘Pazazz’ apple

I never met an apple I didn’t like, so it really doesn’t take much from a new variety to make my mouth water. The introduction of the newly devloped ‘Pazzazz’ apple has made the hort and foodie headlines recently, so I had to try it.

Yes, it is delicious – sweet like a ‘Honeycrisp’ but a little more tart, almost like a sweet Granny Smith with a touch, just a touch, of caramel. Mine was crisp and it was lovely to look at with bloody red skin, and slightly mottled with flecks of gold.

collinspazazzapplesThat all said, did it send me into orbit from its taste? No more than my other favorites, but the big buzz around the apple is that it comes into it’s flavor prime in January and February, a couple months after harvesting.

It’s high in starches at picking (late October) and these turn into sugars and more starch by this time of year. It’s flavor gets better as it sits in storage.Developed by a Wisconsin grower, Minnesota tree-fruit company, Honeybear Brands out of Elgin (they started as an orchard in the 1970s) is bringing it to market.

So, I never get too hooked on the specifics of an apple…you can eat two ‘Honeycrisps’ side by side and they will taste different.

It’s the overall characteristics that interest me and an apple that stores well, especially once the plant stock is available for us gardeners to purchase and grow, is exciting. Yay to apples coming from our own storage rather than across the globe.




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