Serviceberry: A shrub for all seasons

serviceberryDull name. Delicious shrub.

Serviceberry could be the bush with the dainty white flowers you are spotting right now.

Serviceberry is a treat in the spring, but it also delivers in the fall with husky orange-ish/red foliage.

The leaves that emerge after the spring blooms are a blueish-green and berries come soon and they  are edible if you can get to them before the birds. People make jam from them.

In the winter, the grey bark is pretty and the treelike branching is attractive.

Its glories: Hardy to zone 2. Will do well in sun to shade conditions. Brilliant Fall color. Spring flowers. Edible berries. Varieties range in height from 3 to 20 feet. What more can you ask?

Serviceberry could be the perfect choice as a specimen planting in your garden as it has something to show off every season.


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