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Kitsch, nostalgia and a little horticulture on the side: A trip to Everglades Wonder Gardens

Sometimes it’s best to take your critic’s glasses off and just enjoy something for what it is. Actually, most of the time it’s best to, I would say. It just makes life more enjoyable — and easier. This week I had the chance to check out a flashback to a simpler time and a celebration … Continue reading

Transplanted Northern Gardener

Transplanted Northern Gardener: When in Rome, Enjoy the Romans, but don’t take them home with you

Southern Florida is alive with hibiscus blooms of every imaginable jelly bean color. Now, in my own northern garden, I tend to stay true to the native or at least native-appearing plants. I’ve never been a fan of the outdoor palm placed next to the tiki bar in a Minnesota backyard. Now, a hibiscus almost … Continue reading

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The Transplanted Northern Gardener Series: The Impatiens Gardener

This Northern gardener is spending some time in Florida, researching the lively and fun use of impatiens and the foundation landscapes using what we northerners think of as houseplants. Impatiens (Latin for impatient) could be the state flower of Florida. Impatiens love water. I mean they LOVE it. They must have it. Or they die. … Continue reading